The top picture to the left shows the lovely view from our breakfast terrace and to the right is the cheetah Felix (not a breakfast view, unfortunately)
Below are the nice learners & teacher at Westerford and bottom right shows my swimming adventure.

I am now in the last phase of my exciting South African trip. From noisy busy Cape Town to silent sunny Somerset West. In the night there is total silence. Not even a frog to be heard. Well I cannot complain because finally I had the silence I so much had been longing for.

On Tuesday we went for a swim in the Indian Ocean, in the green big salty waves and it was so refreshing! It is a bit funny to see all the Christmas preparations in the shops and then go out on a sunny beach.

Yesterday I met four nice students with their equally nice teacher at Westerford High School in Cape Town and today I received a warm welcome at Boland College and at Rhenish school in Stellenbosch. I hope this will be the beginning of another intercultural virtual exchange between South African and Swedish teachers and students. The school year is however drawing towards its end here so I have not been able to visit any lessons. Teachers and student are busy with the final exams and the school year will end in the beginning of December when the summer holidays start.