Today is the last day of my stay in South Africa. The two weeks passed very quickly and gave me a head full of impressions.

In my opinion, the top eight things to do when visiting Cape Town:

  1. In Cape Town, take the blue or the read double-decker bus where you can jump on and off as much as you like during one day. Thus you can get to know Cape Town and its whereabouts, listening to some interesting facts at the same time. The bus will pass all interesting places like Table Mountain, District Six Museum, the Botanical Gardens, Waterfront, etc. Don’t forget a sun hat if you choose to sit on upper deck.
  2. Table Mountain: take the cable car up and enjoy the most breathtaking view over the cape. There are different paths that take you to see the “table” with its exotic plants.
  3. Robben Island is a must: it is the prison island where the freedom fighters where incarcerated during the Apartheid years. Nelson Mandela spent a large part of his 27 years of prison on this island. His tiny cell is still there to see. Ex-prisoners show the tourists around and tell their stories.
  4. Green Market – very tourist oriented but full of beautiful African things like shirts, dresses, drums, necklaces, wooden sculptures, etc
  5. Mama Africa, a pub on Long Street where you can hear good groups playing African music. People of all nations, ages and colors enjoy the polyrhythmic drumming and singers singing their hearts out.
  6. A tour to Cape of Good Hope: rounding the Cape peninsula is an exciting experience. It is the meeting place of two seas: the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The Cape of Good Hope is however not the most southern point, it is Cape Agulhas further to the east.
  7. Spier, a Wine Estate near Stellenbosch about 40 km north of Cape Town. They have here an ambitious cheetah program to help save this wonderful feline from extinction: they raise the cubs to become ambassadors for the species. If you pay a certain amount of money and listen carefully to all instruction given by volonteers, it is possible to go inside the compound to have a close stroking encounter with both cubs and grown-ups. An encounter you will never forget!
  8. The tourist information in Cape Town will provide you with lots of information and there are sustainable tourist activities to suit all tastes.